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Cocola Broadcasting is a broadcasting company based in Fresno, California. Founded in the early 1980s by Valley broadcasting veteran Gary Cocola, Cocola owns two full-power digital television stations KGMC in Fresno and KKJB in Boise, along with several low-power television stations in Central California and Boise. Cocola was one of the first broadcasters in the US to take advantage of the opportunities of low-powered television, after the FCC approved such stations in the early 1980s.

Television Stations By DMA[edit]

Sacramento, California[edit]

Station Affiliation Notes
KSAO-LD 49.1 MundoFox, 49.2 My Family TV, 49.3 For Lease, 49.4 For Lease, 49.5 For Lease, 49.6 For Lease, 49.7 ZUUS Latino

Fresno, California[edit]

Station Affiliation Notes
KVHF-LD 4.1 TV Scout, 4.2 Bounce TV, 4.3 Azteca América (simulcasting KMSG-LD), 4.4 AMGTV, 4.5 Hmong TV, 4.6 For Lease
KFAZ-CA 8 Azteca América (simulcasting KMSG-LD) Licensed in Visalia
KVBC-LP 13.1 Tvida Vision
KHSC-LP 16.1 For Lease, 16.2 Realty Concepts, 16.3 Revenue Frontier, 16.4 Sonlife Broadcasting Network, 16.5 Revenue Frontier (Spanish)
KJKZ-LP 27 Silent
KBID-LP 31 Azteca América (simulcasting KMSG-LD)
KJEO-LD 32.1 Realty Concepts, 32.2 QVC Over The Air, 32.3 Hmong TV Network USA, 32.4 ManaVision 3, 32.5 Espiritu Santo y Fuego, 32.6 Hmong TV Network
KSDI-LP 33.1: Mega TV Network, 33.2 The Family Channel, 33.3 eScapes TV Network, 33.4 Coastal Television Network, 33.5 For Lease, 33.6 France 24, 33.7 TheCoolTV
KMCF-LP Tvida Vision Licensed in Visalia
KMSG-LD 39.1 Azteca América
KGMC 43.1 MundoFox, 43.2 Azteca América, 43.3 Daystar, 43.4 HSN, 43.5 Antenna TV, 43.6 Me-TV Full power station; licensed in Clovis
KVVG-LD 54.1 Azteca América

Boise, Idaho[edit]

Station Affiliation Notes
KKIC-LP 16.1 Telemundo
KKJB 39 39.1 Telemundo 39.2 Cozi TV 39.3 Antenna TV 39.4 QVC
KBTI-LD 41 Daystar
KIWB-LP 43 Currently Dark pending return in digital Previously MTV2 & Tele Vida Abundante
KZAK-LD 49 49.1 MundoFox Previously a rebroadcaster of KTVB's "24/7 news channel"
KCBB-LP 51.1 Azteca America

Santa Barbara/Santa Maria, California and region[edit]

Station Affiliation Notes
KKDJ-LP 8 Silent Licensed in Arroyo Grande
KWSM-LP 40.1 Tele Vida Abundante Licensed in Santa Maria

Monterey, California[edit]

Station Affiliation
KYMB-LD 27 27.1 Me-TV, 27.2 This TV, 27.3 QVC, 27.4 ZUUS Country, 27.5 ZUUS Latino
KMBY-LD 19 19.1 MundoFox, 19.2 Estrella TV, 19.3 Daystar, 19.4 Silent

Bakersfield, California[edit]

Station Affiliation
KJOU-LP 12 Silent
KCBT-LD 34 34.1 MundoFox, 34.2 HSN, 34.3 Daystar, 34.4 infomercials, 34.5 Tvida Vision, 34.6 For Lease
KBFK-LP 36 36.1 Me-TV 36.2 Movies!
KPMC-LP 43 Silent

Redding, California[edit]

Station Affiliation
KRHT-LP 41 Silent, To return to the air soon as Azteca America

Former stations[edit]

City of license/Market Station Channel
Years owned Current Status
Omaha, Nebraska KXVO 15 / 38 1995-2000 CW affiliate owned by Mitts Telecasting Company and operated through an LMA by Sinclair Broadcast Group
Provo, Utah KCBU 3 2003-2004 Independent sold to Equity Broadcasting and later, Daystar Television Network; now defunct


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