Coconino Press

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Coconino Press
Founded 2000
Country of origin Italy
Headquarters location Bologna, Italy
Key people Igort
Publication types Books, Comic books, Magazines
Imprints Ignatz Series
Official website

Coconino Press is an Italian publisher of comic books, founded in 2000 in Bologna, Italy.

They are notable for their translations of comic books from around the world, including the Americans Daniel Clowes, Jason Lutes and Adrian Tomine; Canadians Seth and Chester Brown; French cartoonists David B., Baru and Emmanuel Guibert; the Japanese cartoonists Jiro Taniguchi and Suehiro Maruo; as well as the Italians Gipi, Davide Reviati, Francesca Ghermandi, Davide Toffolo, Sergio Ponchione and Igort.

Coconino Press is also partnered with Seattle-based Fantagraphics Books under the imprint of the Ignatz Series.