Coconut Island (Queensland)

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Coconut Island
Native name: Poruma
Coconut Island (Landsat).png
Satellite image of Coconut Island
A map of the Torres Strait Islands with the Coconut Island labelled as Poruma
Location Northern Australia
Adjacent bodies of water Great North East Channel, Torres Strait
State Queensland

Coconut Island, Poruma Island, or Puruma in the local language, is an island in the Great North East Channel near Cumberland Passage, Torres Strait, Queensland, Australia. One of the Torres Strait Islands, Coconut Island is 130 kilometres (81 mi) northeast of Thursday Island. Administratively, Coconut Island is within the Shire of Torres.[1][2][3] In the 2011 census, Poruma Island had a population of 149 people.[4]

The ancestors of Coconut Island built their houses out of grass, coconut leaves and trees that floated down from the Fly River jungles of Papua New Guinea.

The islands have sea turtle hatcheries, bird life, giant clam ground, huge palms, World War II relics and massive sand flats.


The language of Poruma (locally known as Puruma) is the Kulkalgau Ya dialect of Kalau Lagau Ya.

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