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Coconut Teaszer neon sign welcoming patrons at the entrance
The Coconut Teaszer was painted purple in support of the release of The Zeroes's new album.
Tom Morello, Scott Tracy at the 8121 Club. photo: Marco Montes

The Coconut Teaszer, a Los Angeles, California night club, formerly located at 8117 Sunset Blvd, on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights, was a Hollywood mainstay. Perfectly situated near the legendary Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, it was a rock and roll club and bar located at the eastern end of the world famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California. It operated from the mid/late 1980s until the mid-2000s, hosting a wide variety of artists from almost every genre of music. During these times the club became synonymous with great bookings of songwriting talent and record signings of musical groups. The intimate acoustic bar downstairs was called the 8121 and later changed its name to The Crooked Bar, named after the winding staircase used to access the club. It also had a popular patio and a dance floor which was later changed to a billiards room.

The "Teaszer" (nickname), booked many bands that would go on to achieve international fame, including Rage Against The Machine, Weezer, Tool, Stone Temple Pilots, The Muffs, Burning Tree, NoFX, Hole, Gin Blossoms, Green Day, Mogg, The Wallflowers, Smash Mouth, Beck's pre-fame band, Loser, which included director Steve Hanft, Radiohead, and Alien Ant Farm. Bands such as the Wallflowers, Alien Ant Farm and Weezer had weekly residencies at the Sunset Strip nightclub and each walked away with major label deals. The Coconut Teaszer held the first L.A. showcases by Green Day, Jakob Dylan's Wallflowers and Rage Against the Machine. The club also featured legendary artists such as Bonnie Bramlett, Johnny Thunders, The Dickies, The Vandals, The Dwarves, Lunachicks, Haunted Garage, The Nymphs, Drivin N Cryin, The Town Cryers, Ohio Players, Ice T and his metal band, Body Count, Liquid Jesus, Verbal Abuse, The Zeroes, The Pandoras, Motorcycle Boy, and Arthur Lee of Love, among thousands of others.

Early history[edit]

The property was home to Harry's Open Pit Barbeque, which originated across the street at the current location of the 8000 Sunset shopping center. Owner Alan Phillips moved Harry's across the street to the larger location to capitalize on the growing clientele. Live music was introduced to the venue by Len Fagan in 1987. ~Harry’s always had a strong rock-and-roll connection due to the surrounding businesses. As a result, a number of musicians did odes to Harry’s ribs on their albums of the period. Canned Heat, for instance, recorded a song called “Harry’s Open Pit Barbecue.” (~cited from Once the live music took off, the club's name was changed to the Coconut Teaszer, named for one of the club's most popular drinks.

Teaszer staff[edit]

Coconut Teaszer was a bastion of L.A. rock for nearly three decades and over the years was booked by Len Fagan, Audrey Marpol Jackson, Nina Heller Fields, Doreen Sanchez, Carol Miller, Darvey Traylor. Independent promoters included Janet Dominick, Desi Benjamin, Betsy Browning, and Marco Montes. Sound and Lighting were handled by Chris Vex and band favorite Brian Buster among other qualified soundmen.

8121 Club / Crooked Bar[edit]

Downstairs from the Coconut Teaszer was the popular, intimate acoustic bar, the 8121 Club, which was originally booked by Nina Heller. It was later remodeled and renamed, the Crooked Bar and booked by Dawn Phillips. Monday nights at the Crooked Bar were an open mic night, which included comedians as well as musical performers. The Crooked Bar was once a one car garage.

Teaszer trademarks and policies[edit]

The Coconut Teaszer had many signature elements, among them being giant goblets for draft beer, sawdust on the showroom floor, free barbecued hot dogs on Sundays, free keg beer on Sundays (which was later changed to fifty cent beers due to changes in Los Angeles liquor laws) and an 18 and over policy on the weekends. The club had a twenty one and over age limit during the week. Most interestingly, the night club had a "no open toe shoes" policy which was painted brightly on the front door of the club, much to the dismay of many a female and hippie.

Recent incarnations[edit]

After closing, the 8117 Sunset Blvd. location later became the Shelter supper club, then Privilege supper club, and lastly, a fine dining restaurant known as "XIV: A Michael Mina Restaurant". As of Winter 2013, XIV had closed. Scenes from the HBO series Entourage (U.S. TV series) were shot at this location during the Privilege incarnation.

Notable performers[edit]

Notable patrons[edit]

Pop culture references[edit]

  • The Adventures of Ford Fairlane - Ed O'Neill's character, Lt. Amos, references the club at the end of the film, not wanting to miss "Disco Night".
  • Weezer – "Can't Stop Partying (Coconut Teaser Mix)", available in 2009, via the special iTunes Pass: The Weezer Raditude Club Tracks, in conjunction with their album, Raditude.

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