Cocoon (Björk song)

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Single by Björk
from the album Vespertine
B-side "Amphibian" "Pagan Poetry" "Sun in My Mouth" "Aurora"
Released March 11, 2002 (UK)
Format CD, DVD
Genre Electronica, glitch, lowercase
Length 4:30 (album version)
3:34 (radio edit)
Label One Little Indian
Writer(s) Björk, Thomas Knak
Producer(s) Björk, Thomas Knak
Björk singles chronology
"Pagan Poetry"
"It's in Our Hands"
Alternative covers
DVD single cover

"Cocoon" was the third and final single from singer Björk's album Vespertine. It was written by Björk and Thomas Knak, and mixed by Mark "Spike" Stent. The song is a low-key musing about a girl basking in the glow of a romance that has taken her by surprise, and includes frank sexual narrative related both explicitly and through euphemism and metaphor. The single peaked at number 35 on the UK Singles Chart.


Discussing the glitch sound of the song, Björk said: "when you take technology and use the areas where it breaks, where it’s faulty, you’re entering a mystery zone where you can’t control it."[1]

Music video[edit]

Björk in the accompanying music video for "Cocoon."

The accompanying music video for "Cocoon" was directed by Eiko Ishioka and was shot in April 2001 in New York City.[2] One of Björk's most avant-garde music videos, it "plays with minimalist white for both costume and bleached eyebrows, treating Björk as a geisha whose makeup extends over her entire nude body."[3] Red threads emerge from her nipples and circulate between her breasts and nose, finally enveloping her in a cocoon.[3] Björk actually wore a very close-fitting body suit.[4] Although not as controversial as the "Pagan Poetry" music video, it was polemic and banned from prime-time MTV.[4] The music video for "Cocoon" was included in the DVDs Volumen Plus (2002) and Greatest Hits - Volumen 1993–2003 (2002).[5]

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Cocoon" – 4:30
  2. "Pagan Poetry" (Music Box) – 3:00
  3. "Sun in My Mouth" (Recomposed by Ensemble) – 3:10


  1. "Cocoon" (radio edit) – 3:34
  2. "Aurora" (Music Box) – 1:08
  3. "Amphibian" – 4:35


  1. "Cocoon"
  2. "Pagan Poetry" (Music Box)
  3. "Sun in My Mouth" (Recomposed by Ensemble)


Chart Peak
UK Singles Chart 35
French Singles Chart 61
Spanish Singles Chart 8


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