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Public Cocoon. Cocoon club in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Cocoon was a Techno club in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It had a space for 1.500 visitors. It consisted of two restaurants, multiple lounge spaces, bars and little Cocoons made out of sofas which were placed inside the walls. The club was unique by architecture and design also by the dancing floors. It was closed on 30 November 2012. It was replaced by the club moon13 on the same location.


Cocoon club from the outside

Cocoon was opened on 18 July 2004. It was the successor of the Omen club. Designer of the club was a company 3deluxe from Wiesbaden, which has used the so-called U.F.O. building[1] constructed by Joppien Architekten AG. It was an investment of several million Euros (10 million just for the design by the company 3deluxe). The sound system by Steve Dash cost 700.000 Euros.[2]

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