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Aquitani tribes at both sides of the Pyrenees.

The Cocosates were an Aquitani pre-Roman tribe settled in what today is southwestern France, at north of the river Adour. They were surrounded by the Tarbelli at south and the Boiates at north. They inhabited what today is the western part of the French department of Landes.


They were called Cocosates sexsignani by the Romans, meaning Cocosates of the six banners, which means they were actually a confederacy of six tribes. They lived in present-day Landes, at north of the Adour, in Brassenx.

Their name, Cocosates is similar to the Basque word kokots, which means "chin". It probably comes from the Aquitanian or Proto-Basque root koiz or coç, meaning "hill", or "height", root which is also present in Cossium, the capital of the Vasates (tribe).


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