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Code 3 Collectibles is a company based in Woodland Hills, California that creates customized model vehicles. On April 25, 2007, Matrix Holdings Ltd. entered into a multimillion-dollar agreement with Code 3 Collectibles to purchase the company.[1] On August 19, 2011, Code 3 Collectibles announced that it was stopping all production. The last model released to date is a Seagrave Marauder Aerialscope lettered for FDNY Truck 46.


The models created by Code 3 Collectibles, are stock models which have been customized or converted from their original state. A few examples of Code 3 Collectibles models plain white cars or vans which have been painted or have had decals added with the livery of a police force such as stripes, force badge/crest, force code etc. Extras such as lightbars and possibly tools have been added as well. Another example would be a plain truck which has been decaled/painted to have the livery parts of a company. Sometimes creating new parts, removing parts, or adding extra parts are done as well to add to the realism of the model.

Types of Vehicles[edit]

At present, Code 3 Collectibles produces one line of models:

  • Fire & Rescue
    • Fire Equipment
      • Engines
      • Ladders
      • Tankers
      • Fireboats
      • Firehouses
      • Diamond Plate Series (specialty series)
    • Ambulances and Rescue
      • Ambulances
      • Rescue Vehicles
      • Command Vehicles
      • Helicopters
    • Special Products
      • Special Releases
      • Diamond Plate Series
      • Holiday Releases
      • Multi-Sets
      • Gear
      • Displays

They previously offered police vehicles and Star Wars collectibles, but are no longer being offered.

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They also manufacture FDNY (Fire Department of New York)


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