Code Name Melville

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Code Name Melville
Générique image Sous le nom de Melville.jpg
Opening title credit
Directed byOlivier Bohler
Written byOlivier Bohler
Produced byRaphaël Millet
Nocturnes Productions
StarringJean-Pierre Melville (archival footage)
Johnnie To
Masahiro Kobayashi
Bertrand Tavernier
Philippe Labro
Volker Schlöndorff
André S. Labarthe (interviews)
CinematographyJulien Selleron
Edited byNicolas Dupouy
Music byJessica Lalanne
Distributed byStudioCanal (video)
Release date
  • 15 November 2008 (2008-11-15) (Golden Horse Film Festival)
Running time
76 minutes

Code Name Melville (original French title: Sous le nom de Melville) is a feature length documentary film about Jean-Pierre Melville, directed by Olivier Bohler and produced by Raphaël Millet for Nocturnes Productions in 2008.[1] Its world premiere took place in November 2008 at the Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei. It has been shown on French channel CinéCinéma Classic in March–April 2010, and on Belgian channel La Deux (RTBF) in May 2010.[2] It is the first feature documentary about Jean-Pierre Melville since he died in 1973.


Jean-Pierre Melville, born Jean-Pierre Grumbach, was of Alsatian Jewish descent. Having to flee Nazi-occupied France during World War II, he joined the French Resistance and took the pseudonym Melville, in tribute to American novelist Herman Melville. He subsequently retained his war name as his stage name, once the war was over. This personal experience of the war and in particular of resistance fighting impacted Melville's formative year and has an influence which can be seen in his films.


Code Name Melville is a co-production between Nocturnes Productions and the Institut national de l'audiovisuel (INA, the French National Institute for Audiovisual).

It has been funded by the National Center of Cinematography and the moving image,[3] the Regional Fund of Franche-Comté[4] and the Regional Fund of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, with the support of the French Ministry of Defence, Ciné Cinéma, RTBF and StudioCanal.


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