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The House Code Revision Committee is a 15-member legislative body consisting of a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, and 12 members. The Committee operates under a House mandate to correct errors or omissions in Georgia's Code.[1]

Scope and jurisdiction[edit]

The House Code Revision Committee is responsible for "technical and grammatical revisions of Georgia's statutes." The committee's scope includes code revisions, code modernization, and technical corrections of errors or omissions. The committee has the additional responsibility to repeal any portions of Georgia's code that have become obsolete, been declared unconstitutional, or been preempted or superseded by subsequent laws.[1]


As of 2014,[1] the members of the House Code Revision Committee are:

  • Calvin Hill, chairman
  • Andrew J. Welch, vice chairman
  • B.J. Pak, secretary
  • Kimberly Alexander, member
  • Timothy Barr, member
  • Karen Bennett, member
  • Michael Caldwell, member
  • Micah Gravley, member
  • Trey Kelley, member
  • Ronnie Mabra, member
  • Greg Morris, member
  • Michael Smith, member
  • Pam Stephenson, member
  • Valencia Stovall, member
  • Tom Weldon, member

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