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Codé River (ꦏꦭꦶꦕꦺꦴꦝꦺ Kali Codhe, Kali Code)
Kali Tjode, Sungai Code, Sungai Boyong
Country  Indonesia
State Yogyakarta
Coordinates 7°53′38″S 110°23′12″E / 7.89389°S 110.38667°E / -7.89389; 110.38667
Source Mount Merapi
Mouth Opak River
 - location Giwangan, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta
 - elevation 67 m (220 ft)
Timezone IWST (UTC+7)
Code River as viewed from near Prawirodirjan, Yogyakarta.
Kali Code and nearby homes in Yogyakarta during the 2014 eruption of Kelud in East Java.

Code (Indonesian pronunciation: [tʃode]; Indonesian: Kali Code) is the name of a river that flows through the city of Yogyakarta on the island of Java, Indonesia.[1][2][3] Pollution is a problem along the river.[4] Sayidan Bridge crosses the river.[4]


The river flows in the southern central area of Java with predominantly tropical savanna climate (designated as As in the Köppen-Geiger climate classification).[5] The annual average temperature in the area is 24°C. The warmest month is September, when the average temperature is around 27°C, and the coldest is April, at 20°C.[6] The average annual rainfall is 2802 mm. The wettest month is January, with an average of 538 mm rainfall, and the driest is September, with 8 mm rainfall.[7]


Settlements by poor people have been created beside the river over time. [8][9] Also loss of housing close to the river has occurred during severe eruptions from Mount Merapi. [10]


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