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Code of Ethics
Genres Christian pop, Europop, new wave
Years active 1991–2001, 2008–present
Labels R.E.X., Forefront
Associated acts Ian Eskelin
  • Barry Blaze
  • Rick Brainer
  • Scott "Skippy" Chapman
  • Charles Garrett
  • Jerry Mowery
  • Steve Dale
Past members
  • Eric Switzer
  • Scot Kifer
  • Jeff Anderson

Code of Ethics was a primarily 1990s band that wrote and performed many genres including new wave and pop.


Code of Ethics[1][2] formed in the early '90s with Barry Blaze and Eric Switzer. The duo released Visual Paradox as a self-published project, which was later picked up by indie label R.E.X. Records in 1991. In the early 1990s, the band's music was quite unique in that they were one of the few Christian music artists performing a Europop style. With their early sound being largely reminiscent of New Order, their later works became simultaneously more progressive and more tame in nature. Many fans believe their mid-90's pop-leanings were forced by their involvement with major label ForeFront Records, as evidenced by the underground release of an industrial-leaning mix of the "Satellite Babies" project which was obscured by the mainstream release of the same recording in tamed-down form.[citation needed]

With a new label came new pressures and Eric decided to exit the band. Rick Brainer,[3] Scott "Skippy" Chapman, and Scot Kifer then joined for a self-titled second album released in 1993. During the recording of the album, Code of Ethics asked to be released from R.E.X. Records based on a default in payment from them. Don Wrenn, the band manager, spearheaded the move and negotiated a deal with ForeFront Records with attorney Sam Chappel. Code of Ethics then went back into the studio to remix the album in Nashville and Memphis under the direction of John Jaszcz. After getting the self-titled album remixed, then went to Chicago and filmed a video for "Satellite Babies" that was never released by ForeFront, and garnered their first No. 1 single at radio, "Something Real". Kifer left by the end of the year. Later, Jeff Anderson would join for 1995's Arms Around the World, an album that would not only give Code two more No. 1's, but also let Code of Ethics receive its first Gospel Music Awards nomination in 1997.

In late 1996, the band came off the road for various reasons concerning family and health problems. It was then that Barry Blaze recruited Charles Garrett, Jerry Mowery, and Steve Dale. The trio recorded Soulbait for a 1997 release.

In early 1998, Skippy and Rick Brainer came back and made up the last Code of Ethics lineup. The band went ahead and recorded Blaze, and the band was nominated for its second Gospel Music Award in 2000.

Barry Blaze has been leading worship in Jacksonville, Florida since 2001. After a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2004 and a lengthy recovery period to restore partial hearing and vision. He recorded Lost In Egypt which was released in February 2009. While still leading worship, he has toured with his wife Cynthia (DJ Chi) and a revolving cast including former Code drummer Rick Brainer, as well as Dave Ott, Matt Borelli, Ben Roth, and Julie Rodenhizer.

Code of Ethics has also released a remix album entitled Mix (1992) remixed by Barry and Ian Eskelin and a remix album called Code of Ethics: Extended Play Remixes (1994) remixed by Scott Blackwell.

Barry Blaze also launched an indie label in early 2009, Razzbarry Records. They currently work with the popular independent Christian pop rock band The Great Transparency.



Visual Paradox (1991)[edit]

Barry Blazs (Blaze), Eric Switzer

Track # Track Name BPM
01 "One Way" 121
02 "Through Your Eyes" 126
03 "I Need Your Love" 122
04 "Heaven Help Me" 86
05 "Greater Love" 100
06 "Hold Me" 122
07 "Breaking Down" 105
08 "Taking You Down" 123
09 "Visual Paradox" 127
10 "Being With You" 126

Code of Ethics (1993)[edit]

Barry Blaze, Scot Kifer, Rick Brainer, skippy

Track # Track Name BPM
01 "Eden" n/a
02 "Freedom" 129
03 "True Love" 129
04 "Something Real" 102
05 "Without Reason" 121
06 "World Machine" 106
07 "Waiting" 119
08 "Satellite Babies" 103
09 "Follow On [New Mix]" 123
10 "Pain" 112
11 "Chasing the Dragon" 104
12 "Sands of Time" 82
13 "True Love Waits" 129
  • "True Love Waits" was a hidden track on most copies

Arms Around the World (1995)[edit]

Barry Blaze, Rick Brainer, skippy

Track # Track Name BPM
01 "Sticks & Stones" 118
02 "Pleasant Valley Sunday" 96
03 "Well Done" 106
04 "Voice of Reason" 96
05 "Take Control" 129
06 "Hurricane" 95
07 "Paradise" 127
08 "Just a Man" 92
09 "Nothing Really Changes" 113
10 "Arms Around the World" 103
11 "Garden for Two" 92

Soulbait (1997)[edit]

Barry Blaze, Charles Garrett, Steve Dale, Jerry Mowery

Track # Track Name BPM
01 "Soulbait" 128
02 "That Was Then" 88
03 "Love" 127
04 "Glory" 86
05 "Shake Me" 101
06 "Me, Myself, & I" 129
07 "Brightside" 156
08 "Free" 98
09 "Good Things" 108
10 "Echo" 70
11 "Soulbait (Superfly Remix)" 128

Blaze (1999)[edit]

Barry Blaze, Rick Brainer, skippy

Track # Track Name BPM
01 "Hallelujah 2000" 135
02 "Father" 130
03 "Exalted" 105
04 "Psalm 19" 108
05 "Move Me" 72
06 "Better" 125
07 "I Love You, Lord/Here Is My Heart (medley)" 94
08 "Still You Love" 87
09 "Pure and Holy" 90
10 "My Everything" 85

Lost in Egypt (2008)[edit]


Track # Track Name BPM
01 "Smile" ?
02 "People Are People" ?
03 "Lost in Egypt" ?
04 "Beautiful Lamb" ?
05 "Were You There" ?
06 "Somebody's Waiting" ?
07 "Perfect" ?
08 "Goodbye My Friend" ?
09 "Can't Live a Day" ?
10 "Something Real" ?
11 "Lost in Egypt (Sand Mix)" ?

Beautiful Thing (2011)[edit]

Barry Blaze

Track # Track Name BPM
01 "Lion & Lamb" ?
02 "Only The Beginning" ?
03 "Hey Death" ?
04 "Somebody's Waiting 2.0" ?
05 "Beautiful Thing" ?
06 "Fall Away" ?
07 "Secret Playhouse" ?
08 "Blessed Be/Streets Have No Name" ?
09 "My Girl" ?
10 "Floating" ?

Liquid Worship (2014)[edit]

Barry Blaze

Track # Track Name BPM
01 "Search My Heart" ?
02 "Your Love Never Fails" ?
03 "I Lift My Hands" ?
04 "Manifesto" ?
05 "Always" ?


Mix (1992)[edit]

Barry Blaze, Ian Eskelin

Track # Track Name BPM
01 "Follow On (Bonus Track)" 123
02 "I Need Your Love (Extended Dance Mix)" 122
03 "I Need Your Love (Club Mix)" 122
04 "Visual Paradox (Extended Dance Mix)" 127
05 "Visual Paradox (Club Mix)" 127

Code of Ethics: Extended Play Remixes (1994)[edit]

Barry Blaze, Rick Brainer, skippy

Track # Track Name BPM
01 "Without Reason (House Mix)" 130
02 "Without Reason (Trance Dub)" 121
03 "Follow On (Sub Tribal Groove Mix)" 123
04 "Satellite Babies (Salsa Tribal Mix)" 128

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