Code of Honour

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For the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, see Code of Honor (Star Trek: The Next Generation).
Code of Honour
Genre Period drama
Martial arts
Created by Koh Teng Liang
Starring Elvin Ng
Rui En
Andie Chen
Paige Chua
Zheng Geping
Chris Tong
Tiffany Leong
Opening theme 她是 by Zhang Xin Jie
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 30
Producer(s) Yeo Saik Pin
Location(s) Ipoh/Taiping, Malaysia
Running time 60 minutes (approx.)
Distributor ntv7, MediaCorp TV
Original network Mediacorp Channel 8 (Singapore)
ntv7 (Malaysia)
Picture format 16:9 HDTV
Original release 5 December 2011 (Singapore) 10 January 2012 (Malaysia) – 13 January 2012 (Singapore) 5 March 2012 (Malaysia)
Preceded by Kampong Ties
Followed by The Seeds of Life
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Code of Honour (Chinese: 正义武馆) is a Malaysian-Singaporean television drama series and the fifth production by MediaCorp Studios Malaysia Sdn Bhd.[1] It was broadcast on every Monday to Friday, 7:00pm on Singapore's free-to-air MediaCorp Channel 8, and made its debut on 5 December 2011. This drama is rated PG for several fighting scenes. In Malaysia, it was first aired on 10 January 2012 at 10:00 pm. Episodes of this drama can be viewed on Toggle.


Artiste Role Description Episodes Appeared
Elvin Ng
Song Ya Zai
  • Song Zhizhong and Tang Qiudi's younger son
  • Yuan Chenxi's twin brother
  • Long Wanyi's neighbor and sweetheart, later heartbroken over her death
  • Became Ou Kelu's boyfriend in the end
1-2, 5-30
Yuan Chen Xi
  • Yuan Zhenfei's adoptive son
  • Song Zhizhong and Tang Qiudi's biological son
  • Yuan Yueming's adoptive younger brother
  • Song Yazai's twin brother
  • Died due to car accident in Japan

(Deceased - Episode 5)

Zheng Geping
Yuan Zhen Fei
  • Tang Qiudi's husband
  • Yuan Chenxi's adoptive father
  • Yuan Yueming's father
Andie Chen
Ou Jian Feng


  • Master Yuan's disciple
  • Ou Kelu's adoptive elder brother
  • Tang Jiabao's husband
  • Soap seller
  • Later left Yuan Men martial arts due to being expelled, and became a part of Qian Feng martial arts
Rui En
Ou Ke Lu
  • Ou Jianfeng's adoptive younger sister
  • Song Yazai's girlfriend
  • Yuan Chenxi's love interest
  • Knew that she was adopted at the end
Chris Tong
Long Wan Yi
  • Song Yazai's neighbour and sweetheart
  • Long Xianpo's niece
  • Naïve and gullible
  • Kidnapped by Duan Tianhe, later shot to death by Xiao Hei

(Deceased - Episode 26)

6-24, 26
Paige Chua
Tang Jia Bao
  • Duan Tianhe's sister-in-law
  • Ou Jianfeng's sweetheart
  • Da Touzhen's cousin
  • Pregnant with Ou Jianfeng's baby
Tiffany Leong
Yuan Yue Ming


  • Yuan Zhenfei's daughter
  • Yuan Chen Xi's adoptive elder sister
  • Cai Xiyang's wife
  • Died due to multiple blows in the head using Yuan family's heirloom

(Deceased - Episode 30)

Zhang Wen Xiang
Duan Tian He
  • Master Yuan's former disciple
Lavin Seow
Long Xian Bo
  • Long Wanyi's aunt


It is 1963 and the Yuan Clan Martial Arts Association is in turmoil. Clan head Yuan Zhen Fei suffered several personal tragedies; his wife suffered brain damage and their son Chen Xi was killed in a road accident. Several of his former disciples have gone rogue and now want to usurp him as head. Unknown to Zhen Fei, his wife had an affair with Song Zhi Zhong and had twin boys. To cover up the affair, she took one twin, Chen Xi, while Song took the other, Ya Zai, and moved away to Malaysia. Song Ya Zai is a fisherman who lives a contented life without ambition for fame or fortune. By circumstance he was taken into the Yuan clan as he was mistaken for Chen Xi but is eventually accepted by Zhen Fei. Zhen Fei's rogue disciple Duan Tian He has been wreaking havoc around town by using his martial arts skills for evil purposes with the intent of unseating Zhen Fei as head. Ya Zai soon finds himself in the middle of a long and bloody family feud between his ancestral clan and the Yuans. When his sweetheart Wanyi dies in the bitter struggle, a distraught Ya Zai decides he has had enough of the fighting and exiles himself to a small village. However a local tycoon has been eyeing the villagers' land and hires Duan Tian He to chase them out by force. Ya Zai defeats Tian He and kills him but the family feud has reached a boiling point. Another of Zhen Fei's former disciples Ou Jian Feng devises a complicated to plan to end it once and for all. Can Jian Feng and Ya Zai put to bed a long-lasting animosity and hatred?


  • This drama was planned not to be a co-production with NTV7. It was first broadcast in Singapore before exclusive broadcasting rights were sold to Malaysia.
  • This drama stars Mediacorp artistes Rui En, Elvin Ng and Paige Chua who have not taken part in Malaysian co-productions before.
  • Rui En and Elvin Ng pair up again for the fourth time after Love at 0°C, By My Side and The Dream Catchers.
  • Elvin Ng plays two roles, as Song Ya Zai and Yuan Chen Xi. Elvin Ng pairs up with Chris Tong for the first time; they both starred in C.L.I.F. earlier in the year but rarely shared any scenes together.
  • Joanne Peh was the initial announced choice for the role of Tang Jia Bao, but was turned down as she was offered a role in A Song to Remember. Paige Chua played the role instead.
  • This drama ended up being broadcast on Astro Shuang Xing as ntv7 did not broadcast the drama after five months.


Code of Honour won two nominations at the 2012 Star Awards.

Award Actor Outcome
Best Actor Andie Chen Nominated
Favourite On-screen Couple Rui En/Elvin Ng Won

The series was parodied at the awards ceremony with ceremony co-host Lee Teng "directing" the drama. Dennis Chew and Quan Yi Fong portrayed Elvin Ng's Song Yazai and Rui En's Ou Kelu respectively. The skit made a reference to a controversial scene from On the Fringe in which Zhang Yaodong's character had to "rape" Rui En's character.


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