Code of Scotland Yard

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Code of Scotland Yard
"Code of Scotland Yard" (1947).jpg
French poster by Boris Grinsson
Directed by George King
Produced by George King
Screenplay by Reginald Long
Katherine Strueby
Based on the play by Edward Percy
Starring Oskar Homolka
Muriel Pavlow
Derek Farr
Music by George Melachrino
Cinematography Hone Glendinning
Edited by Manuel del Campo
Pennant Pictures
Release date
Running time
91 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Box office £140,694 (UK)[1]

Code of Scotland Yard is a 1947 British crime film directed by George King and starring Oskar Homolka, Muriel Pavlow and Derek Farr. It was also known as The Shop at Sly Corner, from the popular stage play of that name by Edward Percy.[2][3] It features an appearance by the young Diana Dors.


A wealthy French refugee (Homolka) lives a comfortable life as an antique dealer in London, but when an employee (Griffith) discovers that his money comes from fencing stolen goods, the employee attempts to blackmail the Frenchman, with fatal results. The antique dealer cares only for his concert violinist daughter (Pavlow), and when he sees her future is threatened, he kills the blackmailer.


Critical reception[edit]

  • Allmovie wrote, "Oscar Homolka, a Viennese character actor who worked prolifically on both sides of the Atlantic, is the principal attraction." [3]
  • TV Guide called it an " interesting melodrama rich with character, thanks to the excellent performance by Homolka and a uniformly fine British cast." [4]

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