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Codespa Foundation is a non-profit organization helping poor people and communities in the developing countries of Asia, Africa and the Americas. Founded in 1985 and based in Spain. The organization is presided by the Prince Felipe of Spain.

From the beginning of its history Codespa Foundation promoted development programs in the countries with close cultural and historical links with Spain (Latin America, the Caribbean). Later it expanded its aid operations to other parts of the world.

In partnership of other international agencies (UNESCO, IDDI) the Foundation created the Institute for Tourism Training of the East in Dominican Republic.

The main Codespa beneficiaries in Asia are the Philippines and Vietnam. The activities in Vietnam consist of such projects, as:

  • Enhancement of health education and facilities in the communes of northern-central part of the country and rural areas through information technology;
  • Establishment of a model information technology center in Hanoi;
  • Vocational training and institutional strengthening;
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity development of Women's Union staff at grassroots level in Yen Bai province.

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