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Type of businessPrivate
Type of site
FoundedNovember 2012; 7 years ago (2012-11)
Founder(s)Nathan Doctor and Jake Hoffner

Codewars is an educational community for computer programming. On the platform, software developers train on programming challenges known as kata.[1] These discrete programming exercises train a range of skills in a variety of programming languages, and are completed within an online integrated development environment.[2][3][4] On Codewars the community and challenge progression is gamified, with users earning ranks and honor for completing kata, contributing kata, and quality solutions.[5][6]

The platform is owned and operated by Qualified, a technology company that provides a platform for assessing and training software engineering skills.[7]


Codewars was founded by Nathan Doctor and Jake Hoffner in November 2012. The project initially began at a Startup Weekend competition that year, where the platform was prototyped over a weekend. During that competition Codewars was awarded first place, drawing the attention of engineers, and funding interest from two of the judges Paige Craig (angel investor) and Brian Lee (entrepreneur).[8]

After building the first production iteration of the platform, it was launched to the Hacker News community, receiving significant attention for its challenge format and signing up approximately 10,000 users within that weekend.[9]


The company raised over $1 million in funding from a range of investors in the technology space. The first round of capital was a raise of $91,000 from angel investors Paige Craig and Brian Lee, founder Nathan Doctor, and a competition prize from the University of Southern California New Venture Competition.[10] The company later raised a Seed Round from Cornerstone OnDemand Inc., as the first investment out of their Innovation Fund, and venture capital fund Hinge Capital (formerly Venture51).[11][12][13]


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