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Codework is the mixing of Alan Sondheim's writing with the code of various computer languages. The word 'codework' was originally created and given its name by Sondheim,[1] but also popularized by other Internet artists such as Mez Breeze.[2] It is also sometimes referred to as net.writing. It is said[3] to have been inspired by the eclectic poetry of e.e.cummings.

Codework has been used for many forms of writing, mostly poetry and fiction. Duc Thuan's Days of the Java Moon is an example of fiction in the codework style. For example:

   if(ashamed++ == losing self-esteem.S_____ wasn't on diet) [re]solution =
   would stop eating lunch next time;

   after all = S_____ couldn't resist to eat when see[sniff]ing food
   ("ate();", felt defeated & self-disgusted x 1000);


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