Codex Corbeiensis II

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The Codex Corbeiensis II, designated by ff2 or 8 (in the Beuron system), is a 5th-century Latin Gospel Book. The text, written on vellum, is a version of the old Latin. The manuscript contains 190 parchment folio with the text of the four Gospels with lacunae (Matt 1:1-11:16; Luke 9:48; 10:20.21; 11:45-12:6.7; John 17:15-18:9; 20:22-21:8).[1] Written in a beautiful round uncial hand.[2]

Gospels follow in the sequence: Matthew, Luke, John, Mark.[1]

The Latin text of the codex is a representative Western text-type in itala recension.[3] The text is akin to preserved in Codex Vercellensis and Codex Veronensis.[4]

The manuscript formerly belonged to the monastic Library of Corbie Abbey, on the Somme, near Amiens; and with the most important part of that Library was transferred to St. Germain des Prés at Paris, about the year 1638, and was there numbered 195.[2] It was quoted by Sabatier, Bianchini gave a collation in Mark, Luke, and John. Full text was published by Johannes Belsheim, Augustine Calmet,[3] Migne, and Jülicher.[1]

Currently it is housed at the National Library of France (Lat. 17225) at Paris.[1]

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