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The Codex Cospi (or Codex Bologna) is a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican pictorial manuscript, included in the Borgia Group. It is currently located in the library of the University of Bologna.

Like the Codex Borgia, the Codex Cospi is believed to derive from the Puebla-Tlaxcala region. If the Codex Borgia is specifically from the Tehuacan valley (in Puebla), then the Codex Cospi may, in contrast, be from Tlaxcallan. As Eduard Seler remarked,[1] the depictions in the Codex Cospi resemble those in "comic books" : this may characterize the political situation (regarded as farcical and comical) wherein Tlaxcallan, although completely encircled by the Aztec empire, was deliberately not incorporated into it in order to exemplify the magnanimity of the Aztec rulers.

The Codex Cospi has many close specific resemblances in content to Codex Borgia, most notably both codices' beginning with a sequence of 104 scenes (Cospi, pp. 1–8 = Borgia, pp. 1–8). Another resemblance is the Codex Cospi god having "two knives as a head":[2] this is equivalent to double-knife-headed god central to Codex Borgia, p. 32.


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