Codex Purpureus Sarzanensis

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The Codex Sarzanensis, or Codex Saretianus, designated by j or 22 (in Beuron system), is a 5th or 6th century Latin Gospel Book. The text, written on purple dyed vellum in silver ink (as are codices a b e f i), is a version of the old Latin.

It contains Luke 24 and 292 verses of John (1:38-3:23; 3:33-5:20; 6:29-49.49-67; 6:68-7:32; 8:6-9:21), written two columns on a page, in round letters.[1] John 18:36-20:14 was written by another hand.[2] It has numerous lacunae.[1]

The manuscript was discovered in 1872 in the Church of Sarezzano near Tortona.[1] It was edited by librarian of the Ambrosian Library in 1872 at Milan (2nd edition, 1885). It was edited by Jülicher.[2]

Currently it is housed at the Church of Saints Ruffino & Venanzio at Sarezzano.

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