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Codgers is a 2006 stage play by Don Reid that was later turned into a 2011 comedy film of the same name by Wayne Harrison.[1][2] The play won a 2006 Rodney Seaborn Playwright's Award and toured nationally in 2010.[1]

Reid created a companion play for Codgers entitled Biddies, which released in 2012.[3]


The film follows five elderly men that meet weekly at their local gym to talk and spend time together. When a newcomer threatens their friendships, the group must overcome the temporary setbacks and find a way to overcome these new issues.[4]


The play was positive received by the Australian Stage and Sydney Morning Herald,[5] with the Morning Heraldwriting that it was a "pleasant, simple and heart-warming comedy about ageing and its possible wisdoms".[6]

Film adaptation[edit]

The play was adapted into a feature film directed by Wayne Harrison and starring Ronald Falk, Ron Haddrick, and Edwin Hodgeman.[7] The film premiered at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre on 24 June 2011 and was released to video on demand through Titan View in 2013.


In 2012 Reid released Biddies as a companion piece to Codgers.[8] The play featured a similar plot device as its predecessor, centering on five older women and former schoolmates that are gathering together to sew a project for their former school. The play starred Maggie Blinco, Annie Byron, Vivienne Garrett, Julie Hudspeth, Donna Lee and Linden Wilkinson,[9] and received mixed reviews.[10]


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