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Headquarters CodigoDelSur
Headquarters CodigoDelSur
Privately owned
Industry Mobile Technology
Founded October 23, 2007 (2007-10-23) in Montevideo, Uruguay
Founder Nicolas Amarelle
Headquarters Av. 19 de Abril 3465, Montevideo, Uruguay
Area served
Key people
Nicolas Amarelle, Founder & CEO
Services Mobile & Web development

CodigoDelSur is an integral digital product creation company based in Montevideo, Uruguay, developing mobile apps for US companies based in New York, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Chicago. They provide iOS and Android integral app development, web design, and strategy. Aside from their technical knowledge, clients are helped with usability, growth hacking, engagement, monetization, and other non-technical knowledge which is just as important when developing software for startups and medium-sized companies.[1] The company has its roots in the Montevideo tech[2] start-up scene[3] and is one of the most experienced mobile app development teams worldwide, having over 200 mobile projects on their portfolio.[4] Having international partners such as Founder Institute[5] and Tumml,[6] CodigoDelSur prides itself of being a high-quality provider of digital product integral creation, being ranked top 5 worldwide by Agency Spotter[7] and the #1 Mobile App development company in Latin America by Clutch,[8] sponsoring many tech-related events like Tech Crunch Disrupt,[9] promoting IT education[10] and participating of various #girlsinict initiatives.[11]


Founded by Nicolas Amarelle in 2007 following the release of Apple’s App Store, CodigoDelSur began at a very small office in the Prado district, Montevideo, Uruguay.

CodigoDelSur headquarters

In their first few years, CodigoDelSur worked with other tech startups and with large firms on mobile and web development and strategy. They created apps for Kindara,[12] Toymail, Antel, OCA, among others. The team soon grew from a handful of staff to about 50 designers, producers, and developers.

CodigoDelSur headquarters

In 2014 CodigoDelSur was named "Company of the year" by the Uruguayan Chamber of Technological Economy[13] and by 2015, the company was one of the top development teams on Upwork, with over 55,000 logged hours (27 man years) and 5-star ratings.[14]

Its CEO and Founder stated in a recent interview that the company's key to success is remaining attentive to the upcoming technologies and how clients and their products can leverage the potential of these technologies. Nowadays they have projects and prototypes of Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality and Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots and IoT.

The company prioritizes projects which are technically challenging while remaining very society oriented when selecting the projects they work on, developing various products which have a real impact on society. For example, they developed an app called Fun Time Timer for free after a Tweeted request from an Autism specialist, who found the need for an app to help children with autistic characteristics to learn to deal with time management in a better way.

Headquarters CodigoDelSur

Given its constant growth, the 80-people CodigoDelSur team has recently moved to a peculiar new office[15] in an old convent which was given a high tech twist that encourages inspiration and that attracted the attention of various international sites for its design.


Innovation Award as Exporting company [16] - ANII (National Innovation and Research agency) - 2012 Innovation Award from the public [17] - ANII (National Innovation and Research agency) - 2013 IT Company of the Year [18] - CUTI (Uruguayan Chamber of Technology) - 2014 IT Exporter - UEU (Uruguayan Exporters Union) / BROU (Uruguayan National's Bank) [19]


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