Codrington Lagoon

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Codrington Lagoon is located in Antigua and Barbuda
Codrington Lagoon
Codrington Lagoon
Location of Codrington Lagoon within Antigua and Barbuda[1]

Codrington Lagoon is a long lagoon which takes up much of the west of the Caribbean island of Barbuda. Its access to the sea is via Cuffy Creek, at the northern tip of the lagoon. The water is shallow, and much of the shore of the northern half of the lagoon is marshland. The town of Codrington, the main settlement on the island, is located on the eastern shore of the lagoon.

To the north of Codrington is a frigatebird colony, centred on the lagoon's tiny Man of War Island. One of the main tourist attractions in Barbuda is the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, which is a forty-minute boat ride from Antigua. In the mating season, from September to April, this rare bird displays a huge red breast to attract a female mate; the pair will lay one egg on a nest built precariously on the mangrove. These birds cannot walk or swim; they soar high in the clouds and live solely on fish, which they often steal from other birds, giving them their local name, Man of war. They have few predators here, making this nesting site is one of the most important in the world for these endangered birds.


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Coordinates: 17°39′N 61°50′W / 17.650°N 61.833°W / 17.650; -61.833