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Coenred (or Cenred) was king of Northumbria from 716 to 718. John of Fordun claims that he murdered his predecessor Osred. He descended from Ida of Bernicia, and was the first of the his branch of the family to rule Northumbria. The Annals of Ulster record the death of the son of Cuidine (Cuthwine), king of the Saxons, in 718, and this almost certainly refers to Coenred.

William of Malmesbury calls him "a draught from the same cup" as Osred, which is to say a young man, vigorous, dissolute, cruel and bold. The manner of his death is unknown. He was succeeded by Osric, brother, or half-brother, of Osred. Coenred's brother Ceolwulf became king after Osric.

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