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Coffee News is a weekly advertising publication that features good news and other fun, positive items. Created by Jean Daum, it began in 1988 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and is available across the United States and worldwide. Its slogan is "News To Enjoy Over Coffee" and, as such, is delivered to restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs, and other small businesses.

Coffee News is a single sheet, double-sided publication, on tan paper, provided free to establishments.

Coffee News is the world's largest restaurant publication, and also the world's largest franchise publication.[citation needed]

Marketing model[edit]

Coffee News is a franchise business. Identical content is sent to franchisees in each territory, who fill the margins with advertisements from local businesses and distribute copies to participating restaurants for free. The marketing model is based on selling advertising to local businesses, who would be less likely to purchase advertising in broadly circulated publications due to higher costs and the cost inefficiency of marketing to readers who are geographically unlikely to become customers.

Franchise information[edit]

2013 541 197 146 4
2012 544 197 146 0
2011 593 206 206 0
2010 677 199 242 0
2009 724 164 184 0
2008 799 157 186 0

It is quite common for franchisees to own multiple franchises (licenses) with the average franchisee owning 3 licensed territories; no more than 20 licenses per any family or relative is allowed.


Everybody's Talking![edit]

This section features news stories from around the world. This section usually contains 4 short paragraphs, briefly summarizing the topic.

Quoteable Quotes[edit]

This section contains quotes from various authors. There are usually 2-4 quotes in this section. The misspelling of the title (Quoteable) of this section is intentional, and part of the publication's trademark.

What's Happening[edit]

The "What's Happening" section is filled with local events, with emphasis on community service or non-profit organizations.


This section contains 5 trivia questions based on general topics such as pop culture, sports, and literature. The answers are revealed on the other side of the page.

Your Weekly Horoscope[edit]

This section features horoscopes for all zodiac signs. It also gives lucky numbers for the week.

Did You Know . . .[edit]

This section contains facts about general topics like actors, landmarks, animals, and other topics. Did You Know . . . contains 4 facts.

On The Lighter Side[edit]

This section features ideas that may not be thought about often, but can be very true, for example:


Regional offices[edit]

Sample of individual franchisees[edit]