Coffman Memorial Union

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University of Minnesota
Coffman Memorial Union
Coffman Union.jpg
Coffman Memorial Union as viewed from Northrop Mall
General information
Type Student union
Location Minneapolis, United States
Address 300 Washington Ave. S.E.
Construction started 1939
Opened 1940
Inaugurated October 25, 1940
Renovated 1974-1976, 1999-2003
Technical details
Floor area 336,000 square feet
Lifts/elevators 4
Design and construction
Architect Clarence H. Johnston, Jr.
Renovating team
Architect Ellerbe Becket [1]

Coffman Memorial Union (commonly known as Coffman Union or simply Coffman) is a student union on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota, United States. Located immediately south of Washington Avenue, it anchors the south end of Northrop Mall and overlooks the Mississippi River.


Coffman Memorial Union opened in 1940 and was designed by Clarence H. Johnston, Jr. It is named for Lotus Coffman, President of the University of Minnesota between 1920 and 1938. Since then, the building has undergone several subsequent renovations. Some of these renovations have been widely criticized, especially in the 1970s when the exterior was significantly altered. The most recent, and most extensive, renovation closed the building between 1999 and 2003. This renovation restored the exterior, thoroughly renovated the interior, and greatly expanded the basement floors, which now include the main University of Minnesota Bookstore, food vendors, offices, lounges, and the glass "Cube" which sits adjacent to Washington Avenue.


The building hosts a variety of services including food & dining, the University of Minnesota Bookstore, printing services, administration services, IT Student Lab, and student group services. A majority of the student groups can be found on the second floor, while the lower level offers access to the bookstore dining & printing services as well as access to lower level parking.[2]


The building is home to the Student Unions and Activities office, Minnesota Student Association (the undergraduate student government organization), the Minnesota Programs and Activities Council (MPAC), the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (the graduate student government organization), and the campus's main bookstore. Coordinates: 44°58′22″N 93°14′07″W / 44.9727°N 93.2354°W / 44.9727; -93.2354[3]


Coffman Memorial Union is operated quasi-independently from the University of Minnesota by the Student Unions & Activities (SUA) Board of Governors.



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