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Cofio Software Incorporated
IndustryComputer software
Key people
Tony Cerqueira, CEO , Fabrice Helliker CTO
ParentHitachi Data Systems

Cofio Software, headquartered in San Diego, California, was a privately-held software company founded in 2006[1][2] which produced a product called AIMstor. After being acquired in 2012 the product became known as the Hitachi Data Instance Director.


The Cofio founders were also founders of BakBone Software and much of Cofio's engineering team were the core developers at BakBone and were the team that created the re-designed NetVault Backup 6 product. The engineering team is based in the South of England in UK and worked together since the early 1990s. The company name Cofio is a Welsh language term meaning "To Remember".

The company developed data management storage management software.[3] The product was branded and given the trademark AIMstor[4] in 2008.[5] l[6][7]

Cofio was acquired by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) on September 21, 2012,[8] and the AIMstor product was released as Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID). HDID orchestrates data protection technologies on HDS storage arrays. HDID workflow and policy management capabilities are being utilized for end-to-end data management.



The concept of AIMstor was the prevailing reason Cofio Software was founded. The intention of the product is to provide the ability to perform many of the data management functions such as Backup, Archiving, Real Time Replication, Bare Metal Recovery and Continuous Data Protection (True-CDP) under one platform. The key difference to competitive products is rather than having many different products that are later integrated in a complex fashion, AIMstor is also a workflow manager for other data protection and data management products, software or hardware based, that, via API, can be driven by AIMstor policies and workflows in a centralized manner.

At the core of Cofio's attempt at providing consolidated features is a user interface that allows data policies and data movement to be defined graphically allowing complex topologies to be created quickly, and to help administrators see the workflow of the policy and the data.

Another cited major component of AIMstor is the Repository.[9] This aims to provide a storage platform that can ingest live data to provide backup, Continuous Data Protection and data Archiving. It performs Data deduplication[10] as well as possessing an indexing engine allowing for fast search of the repository content.

Although AIMstor is a single product it is marketed as separate products such as AIMstor Backup,[11] AIMstor Replication,[12] AIMstor CDP,[13] etc.

AIMstor supports Microsoft Windows and Linux.


ViStor is a software implementation of a Virtual Tape Library (VTL). It was released in 2007 to OEM's in Asia specifically who create VTL appliances using the ViStor software. Software runs on a version of Linux and supports the iSCSI protocol as well supporting Emulex Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters. This product was no longer supported after the HDS acquisition.


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