Cofralandes, Chilean Rhapsody

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Cofralandes, Chilean Rhapsody
Directed by Raúl Ruiz
Written by Raúl Ruiz
Music by Jorge Arriagada
Cinematography Inti Briones
Release date
  • 2002 (2002)
Running time
312 minutes
Country Chile, France
Language Spanish, French

Cofralandes, Chilean Rhapsody (Spanish: Cofralandes, rapsodia chilena) is an experimental four-part 2002 Franco-Chilean digital video series written and directed by Raúl Ruiz.[1] The first part won a FIPRESCI Award at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2002 "for the director's personal exploration into his homeland, using DV in a rigorous yet playful manner".[2]


  • Bernard Pautrat as Bernard
  • Raúl Ruiz as narrator
  • Malcolm Coad as English journalist
  • Rainer Krause as German artist
  • Ignacio Agüero as Rafael
  • Marcial Edwards as guide in the Museum of Nothing
  • Miriam Heard as consular officer
  • Javier Maldonado as guide in the Museum of the Sandwich
  • Mario Montilles as old Rafael
  • José Luis Barba as Cuban schoolteacher
  • Néstor Cantillana as country bumpkin
  • Amparo Noguera as patriotic priest's realist sister
  • Isabel Parra as Death
  • Ángel Parra as Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Francisco Reyes as patriotic priest
  • Luis Villaman as Don Marat the schoolteacher


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