Cognac Skënderbeu

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Konjak Skënderbeu
Konjak Skënderbeu.svg
Logo of Konjak Skënderbeu
ManufacturerADOL L.t.d
Country of originAlbania
Proof (US)80
VariantsCognac, Raki, Fërnet, Orange Punch

Cognac Skënderbeu is an Albanian cognac produced and degusted for the first time on September 1, 1967 by then government-owned Kantina Skënderbeu.[1]

The alcohol is prepared and aged only in vats, tuns and barrels made by oak wood, which gives it its unique aroma, bouquet and special colour. Its main ingredients are: aged raki, mountain plants extract, processed fruit (grapes, lemon, black plum), ethyl alcohol, sugar syrup, flower honey, distilled water, caramel, etc.[2][3]

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