Cohesion (band)

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Origin Levenshulme, Surrey, England
Genres alternative rock/indie rock, indie pop,
Years active 2003–2007
Labels Independent Label
Members Andrew O'Hara
Kevin McPhillips
Geoff Burroughs
Simon Harrison

Cohesion are a four-piece indie rock band from Manchester. The group are:

The band were formed by O'Hara and McPhillips in 2003. Burroughs joined the duo in 2004, with Harrison completing the line-up in 2005. After a sustained period of playing gigs at local venues, the group have released two EPs independently, Cohesion EP and Shadows In The Shade EP (named after a lyric in the song 'Can't Ignore') to critical acclaim in the local press and internet music sites.

The band consider their influences to be bands such as The La's, Coldplay, The Flaming Lips, David Bowie, The Beach Boys, amongst others. Reviews of the band have noted the band's distinct 'West Coast' sound.

Cohesion are currently residing in Levenshulme, Manchester.



  • Cohesion EP (2005, Independent, COH/2005/001)
  1. Behind Closed Doors
  2. Everafter
  3. Then There Was You
  • Shadows In The Shade EP (2006, Independent 62PRTYCRMWLL06)
  1. Behind Closed Doors
  2. Can't Ignore
  3. Everyone's Got Someone


Cohesion were formed in Levenshulme, Manchester in 2004 by singer-guitarist, Andrew O'Hara, and lead guitarist, Kevin McPhillips. After quickly establishing a sound that best showcased O'Hara's distinctive vocal style, they spent 12 months refining their songs and building a following on the open-mic circuit.

In 2005, they expanded their core songwriting unit, recruiting Geoff Burroughs on drums, followed soon after by Simon Harrison on bass.

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