Coins of the Belize dollar

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The Belize one cent coin has a wavy edge that distinguishes it from the five cent coin, but probably wouldn't work in vending machines

On June 1, 1973, the British colony of British Honduras changed its name to Belize, but its status remained unchanged until 1981, when Belize was granted independence.

Coins of the Colony of Belize (1973–80)[edit]

Some of the coins of the Colony of Belize retain the same basic designs as on the coins of British Honduras, but with the country's name changed. These coins were struck at the Royal Mint, Llantrisant. However, there were coins struck at the Franklin Mint, which depicts the Belizean Coat-of-Arms (the same as the British Honduras Coat-of-Arms) on the obverse instead of the Queen's portrait.

Coins of Belize (1981-)[edit]

The coins of the 1981 issue are regarded by collectors as being the first coins of Belize. Most coins since independence have been struck at the Royal Mint, and still bear the British Honduras-style coin designs. Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen in right of Belize, is still featured on Belizean coins facing right and wearing the Imperial State Crown.