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Cokaliong Shipping Lines
Private company
Industry Shipping
Founded 1989
Headquarters Cokaliong Tower, Osmeña Blvd. North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines
Key people
Chester C. Cokaliong
Founder, CEO, & COO
Gregoria C. Cokaliong
President & Chairperson
Divisions Cokaling Forwarding Division
Website Cokaliong Shipping Lines

Cokaliong Shipping Lines is a shipping line based in Cebu City, Philippines. It operates both passenger and cargo ferries on eight routes between islands in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.


Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc. was organized in 1989 and is one of the youngest shipping companies established in the Philippines. It is an offshoot of Chester Enterprises, Inc., a textile and ready-to-wear enterprise started in 1969. The owners diversified into the shipping business in the burgeoning Cebu region. It acquired a new vessel from Japan in 1998 and christened it into the M/V Filipinas Ozamis.

Through the years, Cokaliong has grown to become one of the shipping lines in the Philippines providing inter-island passenger and cargo services specializing in the Visayas and Mindanao routes. In May 2012, the company acquired from Japan a 3,000-ton, 850-passenger vessel, its 9th.[1]

In March 9, 2013, the line opened its 13th port of call with the opening of Cebu-Nasipit route served by the newly acquired 3,086-ton vessel imported from Japan.[2][3]

Fleet of Vessels[edit]

Cokaliong ship at the Port of Iloilo, Iloilo City in the Iloilo Strait, near Fort San Pedro
Kyushu Shosen's "Ferry Nagasaki" ferry boat, departing from the Nagasaki harbour and renamed as "FILIPINAS BUTUAN"

Its fleet of vessels are:

Docking Ports[edit]

Cokaliong Shipping Lines' main port of call is Cebu.[4]

Other ports of call are the cities of'

Former Routes:

Routes (As of February 2015)[edit]


M/V Filipinas Dumaguete/Maasin[5][6]


M/V Filipinas Iligan/Dumaguete/Dinagat[5][6][7]


M/V Filipinas Dinagat/Ozamis[8][9]


M/V Filipinas Dinagat/Ozamis/Nasipit[8][9]


M/V Filipinas Maasin[6]


M/V Filipinas Cebu/Nasipit[10]


M/V Filipinas Cebu/Ozamis/Dumaguete[10][11]


M/V Filipinas Ozamis/Iligan/Nasipit[7]


M/V Filipinas Ozamis/Iligan/Nasipit[7]


M/V Filipinas Dapitan[12]


M/V Filipinas Butuan/Nasipit[12]


M/V Filipinas Butuan[12]


M/V Filipinas Ozamis[12]

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