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Cokaliong Shipping Lines
Private company
Industry Shipping
Founded 1989
Headquarters Cokaliong Tower, Osmeña Blvd. North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines
Area served
Visayas, Mindanao
Key people
Chester C. Cokaliong
Founder, CEO, & COO
Gregoria C. Cokaliong
President & Chairperson
Divisions Cokaliong Forwarding Division
Port of Cebu with Cokaliong ships; from left to right: Filipinas Dinagat, Filipinas Cebu, Filipinas Iligan, Filipinas Nasipit, and Filipinas Maasin.

Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc. (CSLI)' is a shipping line based in Cebu City, Philippines. It operates both passenger and cargo ferries on eight routes in the Visayas and Mindanao regions and is one of the youngest shipping companies in the Philippines.[1]

CSLI was organized in 1989 by Chester Enterprises, Inc., a textile and ready-to-wear enterprise started in 1969 that diversified into the shipping business with the purchase a vessel from Japan in 1998, christened the M/V Filipinas Ozamis. In May 2012, the company acquired its ninth vessel, a 3,000-ton, 850-passenger vessel from Japan.[2] On March 9, 2013, the line opened its 13th port of call with the opening of Cebu-Nasipit route.[3] Through the years, the company has acquired twelve (12) RORO passenger and cargo vessels traveling the national waters.


Kyushu Shosen's "Ferry Nagasaki" ferry boat, departing from the Nagasaki harbour and renamed as "FILIPINAS BUTUAN"

Current (12 ships)

  • M/V Filipinas Cebu[4] (IMO number9048562)
    • She was built in 1993 by Naikai Zosen in Setoda, Japan. CSLI acquired her in 2007 from Ise Bay Ferry or Isewan (Ise-wan) Ferry in Japan, where she was known as the Mikawa Maru. She is the first ship with computerized engine monitoring system of Cokaliong Shipping. She can carry up to 686 passengers.
  • M/V Filipinas Dapitan
  • M/V Filipinas Dinagat[5]
  • M/V Filipinas Dumaguete
  • M/V Filipinas Iloilo
  • M/V Filipinas Maasin
  • M/V Filipinas Ozamis[6]
  • M/V Filipinas Iligan
  • M/V Filipinas Butuan[7]
  • M/V Filipinas Nasipit (IMO number9052886)
    • She was the former M/V Taiko, acquired in 2014.
  • M/V Filipinas Jagna[8][9] (IMO number9162722)
    • Built in 1997, she is the former M/V Eins Soya in Japan, before being purchased by CSLI from Japan in 2016. She can accommodate as much as 625 passengers as well as cargo,[10] and currently plies the Cebu-Cagayan de Oro-Jagna-Cagayan de Oro-Cebu route.
  • M/V Filipinas Surigao Del Norte
    • She is the former M/V Avrora Okushiri, the newest acquisition of Cokaliong Shipping, purchased in 2016 and.[11][12] She was built in 1999, and is the sister ship of the M/V Filipinas Jagna. She is the third vessel to have third ship in the Cokaliong fleet to have a computerized engine monitoring system. She plies the Cebu-Iligan-Ozamis route.

Former Vessels

  • M/V Filipinas Surigao (Sold to Roble Shipping Inc. And was renamed Mv. Sacred Stars.)
  • M/V Filipinas Siargao - formerly the MV Gingoog City, and this was originally a fishing vessel converted into a ferry; sold to breakers in 1997
  • M/V Tandag - the company's first ship, a hand-me-down from Trans-Asia Shipping Lines where she was known as the M/V Asia Philippines
  • M/V Filipinas Tandag - bought in 1992, the former MV Trans-Asia


Cokaliong Shipping Lines' main port of call is Cebu City.[13]

Other ports of call are:

Former ports:


As of December 2017:[13]

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