Coke Studio Pakistan (Season 3)

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Coke Studio Pakistan (season 3)
Country of originPakistan
No. of episodes5
Original releaseJune 6 –
August 6, 2010
Season chronology
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The third season of the Pakistani music television series Coke Studio commenced airing on June 6, 2010 and ended on August 6, 2010.[1]

Rohail Hyatt continued as the executive producer along with Umber Hyatt as the producer of the show. The production team included Naseer-ud-din Wasif as the technical manager, Zeeshan Parwez assisted by Adnan Malik on video production, Danial Hyatt on visual and animations and Selina Rashid with her firm Lotus as public relations.[2]

The third season also saw a change in the house band as Natasha De Souza was replaced by Sanam Saeed and Zoe Viccaji whom joined Saba Shabbir on backing vocals. Sikander Mufti joined the crew on percussions with Babar Khanna and Zulfiq 'Shazee' Ahmed Khan. Asad Ahmed and Omran Shafique returned as guitarists along with Kamran Zafar on bass. Jaffar Ali Zaidi and Javed Iqbal stayed on keyboards and violin respectively whereas Gumby remained as the drummer of the show.[3]

This series also featured some well known guest musicians which included, flutist Baqir Abbas, Sagar Veena player Noor Zehra and Sadiq Sameer playing the Rubab. Also, the third season featured a return of Noori, Zeb and Haniya and Arieb Azhar, who were also part of second season of the show. The third season featured five episodes which are titled as Reason, Will, Conception, Form and Realisation respectively.

List of performances[edit]

Episode # Date Artist(s) Song(s) Note
June 6, 2010 Arieb Azhar
Abida Parveen
Arif Lohar
Zeb and Haniya
Na Raindee Hai
Alif Allah (Jugni) (featuring Meesha Shafi)
Bibi Sanam Janem
Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi performed a duet for the song Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty.
Zeb and Haniya performed an Afghani folk song named Bibi Sanam Janem.
June 20, 2010 Amanat Ali
Entity Paradigm
• Fakir Juman Shah
Rizwan & Muazzam
Bolo Bolo
Moomal Rano
Tann Dolay (featuring Zeb and Haniya)
Naina De Akhay
Amanat Ali performed an Urdu rendition of the French song Aïcha originally performed by Algerian raï artist Khaled.
Entity Paradigm covered Bolo Bolo an original song by Pakistani pop singer Sajjad Ali.
Noori along with Zeb and Haniya performed a duet for the song Tann Dolay.
Rizwan & Muazzam performed a qawwali Naina De Akhay originally sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
July 4, 2010 Sanam Marvi
Meesha Shafi
Tina Sani
Aunty Disco Project
Abida Parveen
Chori Chori
Mori Araj Suno (featuring Arieb Azhar)
Meesha Shafi covered a classical folk song Chori Chori originally sung by Reshma.
Tina Sani and Arieb Azhar performed a duet for the song Mori Araj Suno.
July 26, 2010 Noori
Zeb and Haniya
Sanam Marvi
Arif Lohar
Hor Vi Neevan Ho
Kaisay Mumkin Hai?
Nazaar Eyle
Haq Maujood (featuring Amanat Ali)
Mirza Sahibaan
Amanat Ali and Sanam Marvi dedicated their duet performance Haq Maujood as a tribute to Sachal Sarmast.
Zeb and Haniya covered and sung a Turkish folk song Nazaar Eyle, originally sung by Barış Manço.
The song, Hor Vi Neevan Ho by Noori featured Noor Zehra playing the instrument sagar veena.
August 1, 2010 Abida Parveen
Rizwan & Muazzam
Tina Sani
Amanat Ali
Sanam Marvi
Jana Jogi De Naal
Nawai Ney
Ae Wattan Kay Sajeelay Jawanon
The final episode featured only five individual performances by the featuring artists.


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