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This article is about the city in Cuba. For other uses, see Colón.
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Colón municipality (red) within  Matanzas Province (yellow) and Cuba
Colón municipality (red) within
Matanzas Province (yellow) and Cuba
Colón, Cuba is located in Cuba
Colón, Cuba
Location of Colón in Cuba
Coordinates: 22°43′21″N 80°54′24″W / 22.72250°N 80.90667°W / 22.72250; -80.90667Coordinates: 22°43′21″N 80°54′24″W / 22.72250°N 80.90667°W / 22.72250; -80.90667
Country  Cuba
Province Matanzas
Founded 1846[1]
Established 1859 (Villa)
 • Total 597 km2 (231 sq mi)
Elevation 60 m (200 ft)
Population (2004)[3]
 • Total 71,579
 • Density 119.9/km2 (311/sq mi)
Demonym Colombino
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Area code(s) +53-52

Colón is a municipality and city in the Matanzas Province of Cuba.


The municipality is divided into the campos of Agüica, Este, Guareiras, Jacán, Laguna Grande, Oeste and Palmillas.[1]


The town was founded in 1836[1] under the name Nueva Bermeja. In 1851 the railroad reaches the town. In 1859, it achieves the status of villa (town) with the name Colón. The founder's name is don Martín José Zozaya, who founded the town in the former hacienda named La Bermeja. The deed to establish this town was signed in the city of Matanzas in 1836. At the time, don Martín set apart land for a cemetery and a church. The original name of the town was La Nueva Bermeja. The railroad had arrived near the new town in 1843 but did not cross the town until 1851. In 1852, Fernando Diago, the owner of the sugar-mill Ponina, inaugurates the first public school in town.


Colón's economy is centered around agriculture (sugarcane, tobacco, citrus fruit, honey) and stock raising. It is also an important railway center.


In 2004, the municipality of Colón had a population of 71,579.[3] With a total area of 597 km2 (231 sq mi),[2] it has a population density of 119.9/km2 (311/sq mi).

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