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Course Dessert
Place of origin Romania, Moldova
Main ingredients Wheat flour, cherry jam or cheese
Variations Colțunași cu smântână
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Colțunași (plural; sing: colțunaș)is a Romanian and Moldovan variant of dumplings.[1] In some regions from Moldova it's called chiroște (plural).[2] Colțunași is often a dessert filled with jam (usually cherry) or with cheese (telemea or urdă) and the dough is made with wheat flour boiled in water as ravioli.[3] Sometimes Colțunași is stuffed with meat.

In Transylvania, the name "piroști" is used in Romanian families of German or Slavic origin and the filling can also be a whole, fresh, seedless plum. The term "colțunaș" is used by native Romanian families and are usually filled with cream Romanian smântână, traditionally called "colțunași cu smântână".

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