Col d'Ares

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Col d'Ares / Coll d'Ares
Coll d Ares 009.jpg
French side of the Col d'Ares
Elevation1,513 m (4,964 ft)
LocationPyrénées-Orientales, France
Catalonia, Spain
Coordinates42°22′2″N 2°27′24″E / 42.36722°N 2.45667°E / 42.36722; 2.45667Coordinates: 42°22′2″N 2°27′24″E / 42.36722°N 2.45667°E / 42.36722; 2.45667
Col d'Ares / Coll d'Ares is located in Pyrenees
Col d'Ares / Coll d'Ares
Location in the Pyrenees

Col d'Ares (French: [kɔldaʁ]) or Coll d'Ares (Catalan: [ˈkɔʎ ˈdaɾəs]) (el. 1513 m) is a mountain pass in the Pyrenees on the border between France and Spain.

It connects Prats-de-Mollo in France with Molló in Catalonia, Spain.


In 1691, during the Nine Years' War, the Spanish passed through the Col d'Ares to try taking Prats-de-Mollo, without success.

This pass also used during the Retirada during the Spanish Civil War by fleeing Spaniards supporting the Republican cause.

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