Col d'Étache

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Col d'Étache
Colle d'Etiache
Col d'etiache versante italiano.jpg
Southern view of the pass
Elevation 2,799 m (9,183 ft)[1]
Traversed by foothpath
Location Piedmont, Italy
Rhône-Alpes, France
Range Cottian Alps
Coordinates 45°08′53″N 06°48′47″E / 45.14806°N 6.81306°E / 45.14806; 6.81306Coordinates: 45°08′53″N 06°48′47″E / 45.14806°N 6.81306°E / 45.14806; 6.81306
Col d'Étache is located in Alps
Col d'Étache
Col d'Étache
Location of Col d'Étache

Col d'Étache in French, (in Italian Colle d'Etiache), is a pedestrian pass (el. 2,799 m) across the Cottian Alps. It connects Susa Valley (Province of Turin, Italy) and Maurienne (Savoie, France).


The pass is located between mount Gros Peyron (3,047 m, SE) and Cresta San Michele (or Pierre Minieu, 3,252 m, NW). It belongs to the water divide between the drainage basins of Arc and Dora Riparia (thus between Rhone and Po basins).


The pass can be accessed from south by a wide foothpath starting from Rifugio Scarfiotti, a CAI mountain hut located in the comune of Bardonecchia at 2,165 m. On the French side the footpath continues until Le Planey, a village of Bramans.



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