Col de Tende Road Tunnel

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Portal on Italian side

Col de Tende Road Tunnel is a 3182 metre long road tunnel running under Col de Tende between France and Italy. It was inaugurated in 1882 and it was until 1964 the longest road tunnel in the Alps. At its opening time it was the world's longest road tunnel. Altitude on the French side: 1,280 m; Italian side: 1,321 m.

It currently operates with alternate traffic but a new tunnel is being built.

(From France, 44°8′20″N 7°34′14″E / 44.13889°N 7.57056°E / 44.13889; 7.57056, to Italy, 44°10′3″N 7°34′18″E / 44.16750°N 7.57167°E / 44.16750; 7.57167)

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Coordinates: 44°9′12″N 7°34′16″E / 44.15333°N 7.57111°E / 44.15333; 7.57111