Col de Vars

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Col de Vars
Col de Vars is located in Alps
Col de Vars
Col de Vars
Location of Col de Vars
Elevation2,108 m (6,916 ft)
Traversed byD 902
LocationHautes-Alpes/Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France
Coordinates44°32′20″N 6°42′10″E / 44.5389°N 6.70275°E / 44.5389; 6.70275Coordinates: 44°32′20″N 6°42′10″E / 44.5389°N 6.70275°E / 44.5389; 6.70275

Col de Vars, elevation 2108 m (6916 ft) is a high mountain pass in the Alps between the departments of Hautes-Alpes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence in France.

It connects the Ubaye Valley with the Queyras valley and Embrun. The pass is open only from May to October.

It is traversed by highway D 902, which leads from Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye in the southeast to Vars and on to Guillestre in the northwest.

The pass has been included in the Tour de France 33 times since 1922, when Philippe Thys crossed the pass for the first time. (Tour de France 1922 - 2000)

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