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Other names Marble jack
Country of origin United States
Region Wisconsin
Source of milk Cows
Texture Semi-hard

Colby-Jack, or Cojack, is a cheese produced from a mixture of Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses. It is generally sold in a full-moon or a half-moon shape when it is still young and mild in flavor.[1] The cheese has a semi-hard texture. The flavor of Colby-Jack is mild to mellow.[2]


Colby-Jack is commonly used on cheese trays and in salads, sandwiches, burritos, casseroles, soups, and sauces.[3] This is a very popular cheese because of its versatile flavor.


Colby-Jack has a shiny orange and white marbled look to it.[4] It is a semi-hard cheese with a softness comparable to that of Mozzarella.[citation needed]


Colby-Jack, usually sold young, gains its characterization from its ratios of Colby and Monterey Jack. The cheese contains 110 calories in 28.0 g (1 oz) of cheese.[citation needed]

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