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Colby Cosh (born May 2, 1971) is a Canadian commentator, writer and editor of non-fiction, and blogger.

Life and career[edit]

Cosh was born in Edmonton, Alberta and grew up in Bon Accord, Alberta, north of Edmonton. He graduated from the University of Alberta in 1993, doing further study in European intellectual history under libertarian scholar Ronald Hamowy. Cosh generally writes political, social and sports commentary for his blog, and professionally for the conservative press. Cosh's own views tend towards libertarianism.

Cosh was the central character of the comic strip Colby Christ, published in The Gateway, the University of Alberta student newspaper. The comic had replaced Space Moose after Adam Thrasher, the author of that comic, left the university in 1991 to work for a company. Donald R. "Don" Husereau, a pharmacy student and friend of Cosh, drew the strip while Cosh assisted in the formation of the depiction of himself.[1] Cosh said that the comic "was generally quite indecipherable, occasionally offensive (a joke about little kids with leukemia drew hate mail that would have made Space Moose proud), and funny once or twice."[1] A poll by the contributing cartoonists at The Gateway declared Colby Christ the least popular strip in the newspaper.[1] Husereau convinced the editors to continue the run of "Colby Christ" until Thrasher returned to the university and resumed the production of Space Moose. Thrasher and Husereau drew "Colby Christ meets Space Moose," a strip that was a segue between the series.[1]

His journalism career began in 1992 as a researcher-writer for the Alberta in the 20th Century book series, a Byfield family project. Cosh then joined the Byfields' conservative newsmagazine Alberta Report and its affiliates. He wrote feature reports and the "Up Front" column, serving as senior editor from 1997 to the magazine's demise in 2003.

Subsequently, Cosh became a regular op-ed contributor to the National Post, and joined the Report-influenced Western Standard as its sports columnist in 2004. He has contributed to numerous other print and online publications. Cosh left the Post in 2009. He currently contributes a blog to Macleans. His website was started in June 2002.

Besides politics, Cosh occasionally writes about ice hockey, and is a contributing member of the Oilogosphere.[2]


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