Colca River

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ValleColca lou.jpg
Colca valley
Name origin: Quechua
Country Peru
Region Arequipa
 - left Asirumayu (Asirumayo), Anchapara
 - right P'ikumayu (Picomayo),
Qantumayu, Pirwamayu
Pirwa (Perhua), Qullpa Pallqa Mayu
(Collpa Palca Mayo),
Kunturuma (Condoroma), Pilluni,
Qallumayu, Antamayu
 - location Callalli District
Mouth Pacific Ocean
 - location Camaná District
 - coordinates 16°37′52″S 72°45′51″W / 16.63111°S 72.76417°W / -16.63111; -72.76417Coordinates: 16°37′52″S 72°45′51″W / 16.63111°S 72.76417°W / -16.63111; -72.76417

Colca River (possibly from Quechua qullqa deposit)[1] which downstream is called Majes and Camaná is a Peruvian river in the Arequipa Region that flows deep in the rugged Andes of southern Peru. It originates south-east of the village Janq'u Lakaya (Ancolaccaya) in the Callalli District of the Caylloma Province. On its way from Chivay to Cabanaconde it flows through one of the deepest canyons of the world known as the Colca Canyon.[2] Near the town of Camaná the river empties into the Pacific Ocean.


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