Cold Case Files Vol. 2

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Cold Case Files Vol. 2
Compilation album by Onyx
Released August 2012
Recorded 1993-2012
Genre East Coast hip hop, hardcore hip hop, underground hip hop
Label Self-released
Producer Onyx, Jam Master Jay, Chyskillz
Onyx chronology
Cold Case Files
Cold Case Files Vol. 2

Cold Case Files: Vol 2 is the seventh album and second compilation album by hardcore rap group Onyx, released in August 2012 and featuring 16 tracks. It is Onyx's first album to be available in digital format only. It is available as a "pay what you feel, including free" model on Onyx's bandcamp page: or on iTunes.

It is most notable for containing the Biggie Smalls track "Flip Dat Shit", which was recorded with Onyx in 1993, and previously thought to have been lost forever.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Set It Str8"
  2. "Kidz From Queens"
  3. "Bring It"
  4. "Hi Hoe"
  5. "Crime Stories"
  6. "Punk Motherfukaz" (full version, remastered)
  7. "To All Ya'll Crews, Whatever" (unrelated to Onyx song of similar title on YouTube. Never before heard, rough cut from All We Got Iz Us)
  8. "Anything Goes" (flawless quality)
  9. "Give It All You Got"
  10. "Flip Dat Shit" (featuring The Notorious B.I.G., Naughty By Nature, and 3rd Eye)
  11. "Pussy on the Regular"
  12. "Take That" (full length, remastered)
  13. "Raze It Up" (alternate lyrics)
  14. "Love of Money '96" (never-before-released version of other 2 Onyx songs with similar title; rock version)
  15. "We Comin' Thru Ya'll"
  16. "Walk in New York" (original pre-album version heard on the Onyx DVD).