Cold Driven

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Cold Driven
Origin Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Post-grunge, alternative metal
Years active 2005-2011
Labels Catch 23 Records
Associated acts Default, Thornley, The Veer Union, State Of Shock, Corb Lund, Danko Jones, and Sam Roberts
Members Billy Nickell, Dennis Nickell, Shane, Jeremy McLachlan

Cold Driven was a hard rock band from Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada.[1] The band expressed passion for creating unique and original music. The band recorded their debut album, “Set In Stone” in 2005 which helped establish themselves in the music industry.

In 2007, the band recorded and released “Steel Chambers” their second studio album. The first single "Heavier Than Heaven" rose to number 51 on the Canadian rock charts. The band began extensive touring across Canada in 2008, attempting to solidifying a strong fan base across the country. With this album the band earned a spot in top 5 of the Vancouver Fox Seeds competition.

The Band has recently decided to stop playing music.

Band members[edit]

  • Billy Nickell – vocals
  • Dennis Nickell – vocals/bass
  • Benjamin Bouthillier – guitar
  • Shane Bouthillier – guitar
  • Jeremy McLachlan – drums

Album Releases[edit]

Set In Stone (2005)

  1. Film Score
  2. Breaking Condemnation
  3. Shackles
  4. Don't You Know
  5. In Stone
  6. Bittersweet Casualty
  7. Life Like That
  8. Wheels Of Change
  9. 5 Minutes Unconscious
  10. Same Old Skies
  11. Slipping Away

Steel Chambers (2007)

  1. Steel Chambers
  2. Heavier Than Heaven
  3. Hide And Seek
  4. Cries Become The Silence
  5. We Carry On
  6. Sweet Lies
  7. Cruel Intentions
  8. I Stand Corrupted
  9. The Crutch
  10. Worthy Among The Worthless
  11. March Out Of Line

The Wicked Side of Me EP (2011)

  1. Intro
  2. Kingdom Come
  3. The Wicked Side of Me
  4. Now That I'm Gone
  5. Straight For Disaster
  6. In This Cold
  7. Rise of The Broken


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