Cold Feet (1989 film)

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Cold Feet
Cold Feet FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Robert Dornhelm
Produced by Cassian Elwes
Starring Keith Carradine
Music by Tom Bahler
Distributed by Avenue Pictures
Release date
May 19, 1989
Running time
94 mins.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $289.975

Cold Feet is a 1989 film directed by Robert Dornhelm. It stars Keith Carradine and Sally Kirkland.[1]


Kenny, a psycho-killer with mommy issues, Monte, a charming crooked cowboy & Maureen, Monte's beautiful oversexed wife to be, steal some jewels and attempt to smuggle them across the border. But they had to hide them where else... in a horse. But Monte isn't the sharing or the marrying type of person. To prove it, he saddles up, steals the horse and the jewels, & heads for his brother Buck's ranch in Montana. When both Kenny & Maureen see that Monte ran off with the horse & jewels, they go after their partner in crime across the country in hot pursuit.



Producer Mary McLaglen started scouting locations in Montana for several days in May 1988. They choose the Livingston area because location manager Scott Elias said the film was written in mind. Sally Kirkland signed on to play the female lead character Maureen. Kirkland earned an Oscar nomination that same year for the film "Anna" before she signed on for this film. Singer & songwriter Tom Waits, who appeared in "Ironweed", signed on to play the psycho-killer Kenny. Other actors signed on including Keith Carradine as Monte, Kenny & Maureen's partner in crime. Rip Torn as the Sherriff. And Bill Pullman as Buck Latham, Monte's brother. Pullman co-owns a ranch with his brother in western Montana. He was a teacher at the Montana State University College in Bozeman at the time this was filmed.

Principal photography begin on June 13th, 1988 in Livingston, Montana. Some of the settings for filming was in the downtown area of Livingston, including an office, a bar, a slaughterhouse, & a veterinary clinic. Also include was several outdoor scenes & drive-bys. Local residents of Livingston was used as extras & for some speaking parts. 40 to 60 extras was used. Local policeman were used to block off Park Street to the Rainbow Bar. Jeff Bridges, who also owns a ranch in Montana, has a cameo in the film as the bartender in the bar scene. Filming continue in Montana for several weeks until they travel to Arizona. They filmed in the towns of Bisbee & Naco Arizona for 2 weeks. Filming was completed on the last week of July 1988.


Cold Feet was released in theatres on May 19th, 1989.


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