Cold Lake Provincial Park

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Cold Lake Provincial Park
IUCN category VI (protected area with sustainable use of natural resources)
Map showing the location of Cold Lake Provincial Park
Location of Cold Lake Provincial Park in Alberta
Location Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87, Alberta, Canada
Nearest city Cold Lake
Coordinates 54°28′16″N 110°06′34″W / 54.47111°N 110.10944°W / 54.47111; -110.10944Coordinates: 54°28′16″N 110°06′34″W / 54.47111°N 110.10944°W / 54.47111; -110.10944
Area 62 km²
Established August 18, 1976
Governing body Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation

Cold Lake Provincial Park is a provincial park in north eastern Alberta, Canada.

It is located 3km east of the city of Cold Lake, on Highway 28, and extends to the Saskatchewan border.

The park protects the boreal forest in a number of designated areas on the southern and northern shores of Cold Lake, one of the largest lakes in Alberta. These shores are important nesting grounds for waterfowl.

The forest contains poplar, birch, spruce and mixedwood.

The protected area is continued into Saskatchewan with the Meadow Lake Provincial Park.


Recreational facilities are located in the park including campground and day use areas. Camping, canoeing, fishing (and ice fishing), sailing, power boating and other water sports are popular activities. 11.5km of trails are maintained in the park, and are user for hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and show walking.[1]

Sport fishing is allowed in Cold Lake (brook stickleback, burbot, emerald shiner, fathead minnow, finescale dace, Iowa darter, lake trout, lake whitefish, logperch, longnose sucker, ninespine stickleback, northern pike, northern redbelly dace, slimy sculpin, spoonhead sculpin, spottail shiner, tullibee (cisco), walleye, white sucker, yellow perch) and Medley River (brook stickleback, burbot, emerald shiner, fathead minnow, finescale dace, lake chub, logperch, longnose sucker, northern redbelly dace, pearl dace, rainbow trout, spoonhead sculpin, spottail shiner, white sucker).

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