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Norwegian military preparations during Exercise Cold Response, 2009
Royal Navy assault ships HMS Illustrious and HMS Bulwark during Exercise Cold Response, 2012

Cold Response is the name given to Norwegian exercises with invited Partnership for Peace countries held in northern Norway. The first one was the largest military exercise in Norway in 2006. Around 10,000 soldiers from 11 nations participated. It was a national Norwegian exercise with all NATO states invited to participate. The second exercise was held in March 2007, and the third in March 2009. The fourth exercise was held in February–March 2010. Approximately 8,500 soldiers participated. The fifth exercise was held from 12–23 March 2012, where over 16,000 soldiers participated.[1]

Cold Response 2006[edit]


Several of the operations were along the coast in the borders between sea and land, and together with roads and populated areas. Surveillance, patrols, road control posts, vehicle inspection, control of air space, minesweeping, evacuation of civilians, and riot control were important part of the exercise. Being a winter exercise, it puts an extra challenge in doing all this under harsh weather conditions.


Among the participants were the Norwegian Telemark Battalion, a thousand soldiers from the Norwegian Home Guard, the Royal Norwegian Air Force's 339 Squadron and 720 Squadron, and most of the Royal Norwegian Navy's available forces. About 3,000 soldiers from the British 3 Commando Brigade, completed their annual winter training by taking part in the exercise. 800 French mountain special forces, and 2,000 Swedish soldiers along with smaller units from the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, USA, Finland, Spain, Denmark and Canada also took part.


After an earthquake in the fictional country of Asando, an armed conflict by extremists and separation-groups against government forces erupts. The security council approves a resolution to allow NATO to take control of the situation. A peacekeeping force was assigned to help settle the conflict.

C130 Hercules accident[edit]

A Royal Norwegian Air Force C-130 Hercules crashed during the exercise in north Sweden on 15 March 2012 where all five on board were killed.[2]

The 2010 exercise[edit]

17 February through 4 March. Up to 9,000 troops from 14 participating nations.

The 2012 exercise[edit]

Held from the 12–21 March, with over 16,000 troops from 15 participating nations.


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