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For the astronomical concept, see CMB cold spot.
Paranormal Cold Spots
An infrared thermometer that measures surface temperatures is believed by ghost hunters to also measure air temperature, and thus to locate cold spots.
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In ghost hunting, a cold spot is a supposed area of localized coldness or a sudden decrease in ambient temperature with an assumed connection to alleged paranormal activity. A definition of a cold spot that has been used in ghost hunting is "a small, defined area of intense cold (at least 10 degrees colder than the surrounding area) that can not readily be explained by other natural or mechanical causes (e.g. air conditioning, a drafty window, ice or snow).[1]


Believers claim that cold spots are an indicator of paranormal activity in the area. According to the beliefs of ghost hunters; the cold air seems to be contained within an invisible bubble which they believe to be the ghost itself.[2]

Ghost hunters believe that an invisible ghost is able to make itself visible by drawing on sources of energy such as heat in air so that a specific location becomes unusually cold,[1][3] however, this belief is at odds with the laws of thermodynamics and scientific understanding of the physical world.[4]


Ghost hunters may carry thermographic cameras and infrared thermometers (which can only detect surface temperatures, rather than ambient air temperatures) to detect the presence of purported cold spots in the ambient air of locations that are reported to be haunted. Ghost hunting organizations advise that the spots be checked from several different angles in order to confirm their existence and features.

Ghost hunters prefer to use heat detecting devices rather than reports of feeling cold because the sensation of cold air could be caused by wind chill.[3] Also, a space may feel cold to one person while it feels warm to another.

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