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Coldstone Game Engine
Coldstone application icon
Developer(s) Beenox Studios, Ambrosia Software
Stable release 1.0.1 / August 6, 2002
Operating system Mac OS 8.1 to 10.1
Type Game creation system
A screenshot of the Coldstone software
World editing in Coldstone. The interface includes editing tools (upper left), a palette of tiles (right), and a list of world layers (lower left.)

The Coldstone game engine is a game creation suite for the Macintosh developed by Beenox Studios and Ambrosia Software.[1]


The Coldstone game creation software is designed to provide a full solution for creating role-playing or adventure-style games.[2] Although the Coldstone software itself only runs on the Mac OS platform,[3][4] it is capable of compiling stand-alone games that run on the Mac OS 9 platform, the Mac OS X platform, or the Windows platform.[1] The full version of Coldstone shipped with a CD of royalty free artwork for use in one's custom games.[1] A commercial game titled Pillars of Garendall was produced in-house at Ambrosia to demonstrate the Coldstone software's abilities.[5]


MacWorld gave the Coldstone software a rating of 3.5 out of 5, citing the software's extensive technical capabilities along with a steep learning curve and the need for the user to supply their own creativity.[2]


As of December 2008, the Coldstone game engine has been indicated as being "Discontinued" with regard to the latest version information on the Ambrosia Software Web site.[6] According to Ambrosia Software, the Coldstone software has certain flaws to be dealt with before it is made available.[7]


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